Now offering £0 monthly management charges for applicable campaigns (see packages below).


PPC Agency London is dedicated to improving the sales and conversion rates for eCommerce website via our PPC service.


We are 100% results-driven: this means that you only ever pay where our work generates sales for your online store.


With no up-front costs or regular monthly payments to make, our services really do offer you a win-win situation. We are a London PPC agency that can manage your Google Ads campaigns to increase your ROI. Since you only pay us where we succeed in doing this, what do you have to lose?

Our eCommerce PPC Services

We offer a range of services that can help maximise your lead generations and ultimately, your sales. As a PPC agency in London, we achieve on average an ROI of £4 for every £1 that you spend with us. Take a look at what we can do to help you drive your business forward.

Google Adwords Management


If you want to generate more sales for your online shop and get a Google Adwords campaign running, we are the PPC agency that you need to speak to. We will work with you to identify the keywords that are important towards driving visitors to your eCommerce website that will make a purchase and will really get you at the top of the list on search engines.


We always carry out extensive research so that we know what has worked for your eCommerce competitors, meaning that we can guarantee to find the words that will positively impact your ROI. We will produce all the copy for you in many different variations to improve your conversion rates and we will send you detailed reports regularly to show you just how your campaign is maximising your sales.

Google Shopping


As part of our PPC service for eCommerce, we can help you with the complete setup and management of your Google shopping ads. Shopping ads are a great way to maximise sales because they allow a user to see everything they need to know about your product in one place and of course a must for any business that sells online.


At this point, they are already interested in your product because they have just Googled it. Get your ads right, and you can really increase those clicks and ultimately, your profits. Here at PPC Agency London, we know just how to build Google ads that will capture the attention of your potential customers.

Landing Pages


Any PPC agency in London worth their salt knows that in order to maximise sales and lead generations, you need to have an effective individual product page as it can make or break the ROI of your sales generation campaign.


It's no good having fancy ads or getting to the top of the results in a search engine if your individual product pages don’t do a good job of making the sale and grabbing the attention of potential customers.


When you work with a specialist eCommerce PPC agency like us, you can be sure that we will help you create a landing page that works. It is all about creating a pleasant experience for those interested in your services as well as demonstrating your professionalism. We will help you create a page that can't be ignored.



For ad spend up to £4k monthly


For ad spend over £4k monthly

Monthly management charge

Management frequency

Suitable for eCommerce

Creating keyword lists and ad copies

Reporting frequency

£150 starter credit

£425 (ex. VAT) 

Every other day











For our Pay Per Lead package, the £ PPL value is mutually agreed before the start of the campaign and takes into account your business's average order value, lead to client signup rate, Average Lifetime Value and so on.


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Social Media Advertising

As a specialist eCommerce PPC agency in London, we are more than aware that we need to keep moving with the times and that, for us means that we need to embrace social media. These are the places where we can grab the attention of many of your potential customers and so to maximise your sales, it is essential that you use this tool to really reach out to those who might well be interested in your services. When you work with us, you can be sure that we will use all of our expertise to ensure that we target your customers directly through Facebook and other social media platforms. We can also help you make the right placement decisions to ensure that your campaign appeals to your customer base to really maximise your ROI.

LinkedIn Advertising


LinkedIn is a really great tool for increasing B2B sales and also for targeting professionals. Even for eCommerce businesses, you can run retargeting ads on LinkedIn which can help your brand stay top of mind.


We can build just such an awareness campaign centred around the platform that will directly reach out to your potential client base. We never stop there, however. With any campaign that we put together, we are always around in the background monitoring the success of the campaign and making any necessary adjustments.




Whether you built your website in Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or somewhere in between if its not performing like it should we can help.


You don't have to come to us as a London PPC agency only when you want to start a new campaign. We are more than happy to work with you on any existing campaigns that you have. We can audit your existing campaigns and make any necessary tweaks to increase your ROI. Advertising and increasing clicks require constant monitoring. Things change quickly and it is important that businesses keep up with these if they are to stay at the top of their game. We love nothing more than taking an existing campaign and adding its finishing touches - touches that we know will make a huge difference to your ROI.


So, if we work with you we don't need to pay anything upfront?

Nope! We are probably the only PPC agency in London who charges based on our performance. When you contact us to start a campaign, we will discuss your requirements and agree upon a fee that you will pay to us every time a conversion action takes place. This means you will pay per sale or lead generation. We will deliver a monthly report detailing these figures and you will pay us on a monthly basis.

How do you measure the results?

The main metric we monitor is the amount of sales our PPC management generated for your online shop.

We have extremely proficient tools that help us measure results. It is an essential part of our business because it helps us to see how well any campaigns that we have put together are doing. Remember, we don't just set up a campaign and leave it, hoping for the best. Our team are constantly analysing results so that we can tweak campaigns to really maximise that ROI.

If you are ready to take your eCommerce website to the next level and enjoy the success that increased advertising can lead to, then give us a call today.

Our team here at PPC Agency London are friendly and professional and love to chat about how we can make your eCommerce website a resounding success!






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