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3 tips on using Instagram stories

The ‘Story’ function on Instagram has gained a lot of popularity among the users of the social media platform within a short span of time. If the function is effectively used, it can act as a vital tool that can help you to gain the total number of followers. In the business context, Instagram stories can play a key role as they can help in boosting the level of engagement with the followers or users.

If you are interested in using stories to strengthen your following base, then you need to follow a few simple tips.

Use hashtags in your Instagram stories

If you want to reach and interact with a wider set of audience, then you need to use hashtags in your stories. These hashtags will allow users to click on them and view the content that has been used on the specific hashtag.

The use of hashtags is extremely common in normal Instagram posts. But using them in stories can act as a unique and effective hashtag marketing strategic approach. Your audience will be able to identify the hashtags that they need to use in order to be a part of the discussion.

The smart use of location tag

The use of a location tag is a common feature that most of the Instagram users must be aware of. When it comes to Instagram stories, the location tag can be used to the key role and boost the level of engagement and interaction. This tag can be used by businesses to get the right amount of visibility from potential customers.

Once you have used the location tagging option in your Instagram story, more number of people will be able to find out about your business. As brand awareness on the popular social media platform will be boosted, it could lead to an increase in profitability and revenue for your business.

In the competitive business arena, location tagging in Instagram stories is considered to be highly critical as it can help users to find you. This form of engagement will give you an edge over your competitors.

Use GIF content in Instagram stories

GIFs are considered to be extremely popular among all the users of Instagram. In case you want to make your Instagram story unique, then you have the option to add GIFs into the stories. This approach will surely add an element of fun and creativity to your Instagram story. You could add GIF stickers to your Instagram story as well to make the interaction more lively and out of the box for your audience. The best thing is that adding GIF stickers in Instagram stories is a simple technique that can help you to grab the attention of your audience. This creative approach will help your business to enhance its visibility on the social media platform.

‘Instagram stories’ is a perfect function that can help businesses to improve business visibility and improve the level of customer engagement. In order to optimally use stories, you need to keep in mind these three simple tips. These unique methods will help you to adopt diverse ways to interact with the target customers.

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This is a guest post written by John @ Content Works.

John is an avid writer on all things to do with PPC, Social Media, marketing and lead generation.

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