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How To Get More Leads From Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

If you are managing the Pay Per Click campaign, you must probably want it to generate more leads for you without the need of spending more money. But generating more leads from the campaign is not that simple. To increase the conversion rate, you will have to focus on conversion optimization.

Ask any Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency and they will give you a list of following tips to increase traffic and get more leads:

Segment the campaigns into different groups

Don’t set up different campaigns for each product or service. Instead, dig deeper and look for different ways to offer solutions to your target audience.

This is possible by planning campaigns to segment your offer into different groups. You can segment as you like – by benefit, target industry, the main feature, or geographic location relevant to your product/service.

Once you have identified the segments, it is time to set look for keywords for each segment, create an ad copy and then a customized landing page. This lets you focus your efforts, bring quality leads and increase the conversion rate.

Use relevant keywords

Keywords are known as the heart of any PPC campaign. Therefore, spend as much time as you must to identify the best of them.

How do you identify keywords that are relevant to your business? It gets easier if your campaigns are segmented. Look for keyword ideas within each segment. You can use keyword research tools for this purpose.

On the basis of the volume of searches, you can segment your campaigns to make them even more focused. You will get more leads with tailored campaigns.

Use appropriate CTAs

Call to Action encourages a visitor to do something. If you are seeing a commercial on TV, it’s followed up by a “visit us today”. That’s a Call To Action.

When it comes to PPC, CTAs have much more value. They tell the user what action to perform after they have seen your ad. It may be obvious to ask them to click but telling them to actually do it improves the chances of having a new lead.

Some ideas for a call to action include “get a quote now”, “sign up now”, “call now”, etc. Here is some help on creating perfect CTAs.

Use crisp and catchy headlines

Headlines matter. They must include essential information to grab the attention of the visitor. They play a complementary role in generating lead. It is important to include the target keyword in the headline. Learn about how to create catchy headlines if you must. Whenever a user searches those keywords, your ad will stick out in the search results.

Use headlines for promoting the unique aspect of your services such as free quotes, free consultation, etc. This will help you stand out against your competitors.

Test the offers

Your campaigns will start generating leads right away. You will have to test them to figure out which one brings the most traction. It’s recommended to look beyond conversion to look for more opportunities.

Offer free assessment, free trial or free evaluation and test the result of each campaign.

Have a look at your competitors

Don’t forget to see what your competitors are up to. If they are getting more share of your visitors, it means they are doing something better than you. Study their strategy. Use similar keywords and CTAs. But make sure you don’t straight away copy everything that they are doing. Knowing what your competitors are doing can help you improve your strategy.

Target both old and new customers

The marketing funnel lets you convert people at different stages. The first stage is building brand awareness and that’s pretty much what PPC campaign is used for. Keywords are used to attract visitors who might not know your business even exists.

The visitors who are at the latter stage of the funnel know exactly what your business offers. They might be the ones who have a purchase intent already.

So, along with targeting new customers, don’t forget to target the old ones.

Improve the Click Through Rate (CTR)

For improving the Click Through Rate, you will have to work on the ads and campaign structure.

Let’s start with ads first. Make sure they are relevant. The ad must speak to the intent of the visitor and it should also promote what you are offering on that particular landing page. Don’t just focus on creating a visually appealing ad, it must be relevant to the context.

Click Through Rate improves big time if you have broken down the campaigns into relevant keyword groups.

Use ad extensions

Ad extensions allow you to include additional information into your ad so that they can take different actions. You can use them for adding your company’s phone number, address or even customer reviews. It’s a great tool to provide your visitors with details about your business in a way that they even remember.

Another benefit of ad extensions is that it allows visitors to get information about your business without clicking through the ad. These ads help complete the conversion process early.

Add some tweaks in the landing page

PPC ads send a visitor to a dedicated landing page. Therefore, the page must be ideally designed. A poor page with a poor experience will never convert.

Make sure the design does not have any distractions and the CTA is clear. Test the conversion rate by experimenting with different designs.

Time it right

Just like the placement of the ad, time matters as well. If you are in the business for more than a year, you must have noticed different customer behaves differently at different times of the day.

PPC platforms allow you to set time and restrictions to when your ad will appear. Run the day on different days and time to test when you get the most traffic and conversion.

PPC campaigns are one of those aspects of marketing that gets more rewarding the more effort you put into it. Start following these tips to see better results.

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