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How to Reduce Cost per Click

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Google AdWords is a great way to make your site really "findable," but it's also can get to be pretty expensive and can get out of hand really quickly if you are not properly managing your results. That said, it can be a powerful and quick way to drive traffic to your website. Ideally, you want ads with high click-through rates, lower costs, and better response overall. There are some ways you can use Google AdWords very effectively and still reduce your costs. Get in touch with PPC Agency London who can help you with that.

Experiment with cost per click AND cost per thousand impressions.

Some websites (and yours may be one) have highly targeted traffic to a particular offer. If that's you, you can buy in volume on a cost per thousand (CPM) instead of cost per click basis. Do use "CPC"; (cost per click) in addition as well, but try CPM as well, to lower overall costs.

Choose your words -- that is, keywords - carefully

When you're in your Google AdWords account, you'll notice that some keywords are very expensive. Be careful, because you don't want to bid on the keywords that are really expensive - you could go broke pretty quickly. Instead, choose keywords that are less expensive, but organize them so that they'll still give you very effective search results and click through rates. You want to get the highest possible position at the lowest possible cost per click.

This is something you will have to play with somewhat, but experiment and sees what works best. There are keyword "bid tools," online that will let you type in certain keywords to see what current bid rates are for a particular keyword or keyword phrase is. You can also pick a couple of keywords, and then use Google's CPC and CPM conversion tracking tools to see what is going on; experiment, then tweak as you go.

Using long tail keywords

Oftentimes, long tail keywords (keyword phrases of three words or more) are going to be descriptive for your product, but are going to less expensive per click because they're less popular. Play with longtail keyword phrases for your ads to see which works best. You can set up more than one campaign and then see which works best for you, in that you're paying the least amount of money but getting the most response.

Make sure your ads are tight, concise, and contain certain elements.

The right and can make all the difference.

Your ads should:

• Include Your Keyword in the title, if possible.

• Offer a benefit in the first line (not a feature)

• Have a call to action (incite the customer to buy)

• Promise quality

• Include the keyword in the Display URL if possible.

Well written ads that include the above elements will tend to get clicked on more often, which raises your click through ratio and improves your quality score and lowers what Google charges you for the ad. All good things.

Again, choose long tail keywords which can have a lower cost per click prices. But whatever keyword you use, make sure the ad itself is an effective sales tool. Well written ads will drive more customers at a lower cost.

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