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Questions to ask before hiring your PPC manager

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Tips on reducing your Ad Words cost per click.

The word Cost per click may sound familiar but it has a different distinctive meaning. Basically, cost per click is the amount of money you pay to a search engine when a client clicks your ad. The AdWord campaign faces a lot of competition from online bidders and finding a good bidding strategy can help you survive. Finding a way to lower the cost per click and succeeding in online advertising can be a bit epic. Below comprehensive step to step guide on how you can lower your costs per click.

1. Use Long Tail Keywords

In order to survive in a highly competitive advertising industry, using low search volume keywords is a perfect match for you. Ads in this kind of market tend to be expensive because of the competition involved. The long tail keywords reduce the irrelevant searches hence the best way to reduce your spending. 2. Apply the use of negative keywords.

Negative keywords lower irrelevant searches on your queries. This lets your ads available only to the clients who are fully interested in your products. This helps your quality score at the same time lowering the price you can spend on the ads.

3. Use low bid Keywords

Using lowered bids gives a search engine a limited number of CPC to charge from. This obviously will lower the amount of money you can spend on the clicks.

4. Apply the use of ad Scheduling

This amazing feature only allows your ads to be run at specific times of your choice. Just allow your search engine to run your ads on the times you feel you can get a huge response from your clients. If you have a limited budget, running your ads on a daily basis will most likely be expensive.

What are the basic questions to ask your AdWords manager before hiring one?

Running ads on Google can be hectic. Finding an agency to run your ads can be the best choice. However, finding a competent one is not an easy task. Have you been struggling to get one, then worry no more. Below are some of the basic questions you can ask before hiring one.

1. When and how will l be getting status reports?

What you expect is to get an understanding of how often and means by which they deliver reports. A good agency gives useful reports and important data on performance as soon as it comes.

2. How often will you be contacting me?

It’s always good to have a regular communication with your ad manager on the status of your account. Having frequent phone calls, at least weekly or monthly, strengthens the relationship between you and your agency.

3. What has other people you successfully managed?

It’s good for your AdWords manager to have a good past experience. If the manager has had some successful spells with other clients, then it is obvious that yours will be successful too.

4. Do you have certified documents about your agency?

Any Adwords manager should have a certified status from Google partner. To save yourself from fraud, use certified individuals such as PPC Agency London.

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