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Tips on improving your Google display campaigns

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Google AdWords is a pretty easy-to-use tool for lead generation, especially for small businesses. It is even easier to get started with. You simply have to enter your credit card details, pick the keywords you want to work on, insert them into the ad and you are ready to go from there. But the problem is, you can’t create a successful campaign in just a few minutes.

AdWords is divided into 2 networks – Search and Display Network. In Search Network, you have to place text ads in the search engine results. On Display Network, you place display ads on the different sites on the internet. The problem many marketers face with display ads is that the click-through rates are less than impressive. Even experts agree that getting people to click on your banner ad is a challenge. If you are struggling with the success of your display campaigns, we have gathered some tips through which you can improve the results. Give them a read:

Remarket everything

Remarketing means adding a cookie on your website whether that is a typical brochure-styled informational site or Ecommerce so you can 'tag' your previous visitors and following them around with ads on different websites they browse. It sounds creepy but it is very useful. It could be a success because the people you are remarketing have already expressed interest in your product/service.

Use managed placements

Managed placements puts you in control of where your ads will be placed. You can choose which websites you want your ads to be displayed on. If you are wondering how to find sites that are relevant, then you can visit the ‘Top Referral Sites’ in Google Analytics.

Improve your ad placements

Targeting a relevant interest or topic does not always mean your ad will show on the right site. It, in fact, can show up on all sorts of places. Don’t worry, you can check where your ads are displayed by digging into your display campaign. Choose ‘Display Network’ and then click ‘Placements.’ You will get a report that shows you where your ads are displayed at a specific time along with the number of impressions, clicks, and conversations they have received.

This report will give you insight on which sites you should be targeting and which not. Chances are you are getting a good amount of impressions from a site but not many clicks. That means you should exclude that site. You can refine your ads with this report and save a lot of money.

Create ads in all formats available

Some of you might think it’s a waste of time to create an ad in all formats available. But the thing is, there are some sites that only support one format. If you just pick a specific format for display ads, you will miss out on a lot of exposure. So do this extra effort and create ads in all available formats. Use both image ads and text ads.

Tap onto the demographics data

Demographic targeting is always simple but lots of marketers don’t use the demographic data they have for improving the performance of their display campaigns.

You need to be targeting the right audience to see the results. If you are not really sure what your target demographic is, you can use Google Analytics for identifying it. Just open Google Analytics and click ‘Audience’ >> ‘Demographic’>> ‘Overview’ and then select ‘Converters.’

Once you know your demographics, you can set your budget to get more results from the campaign by targeting the right audience.

Test your display campaign

Google keeps on releasing new features and targeting methods to help you reach out to more customers. So without testing your display campaign, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. You can start testing the campaign by creating separate ad groups for topics, contextual targeting, and managed placements. Normally, it’s hard to figure out what will work for you and what not. Google Display Network is huge and there is no way a single advertiser can own it all. You need to find your niche and use the data from your campaigns to build a big campaign. And for that, you must experiment.


To be honest, the success or failure of your Google Display Campaign depends on how well you use the available data for optimizing your target strategy. If you do everything right, you will not just get the right amount of clicks but also generate brand awareness for your business.

As you use the tips outlined in this article, you can reach your potential customers successfully. For professional help, visit https://ppc-agency.london/ and hire experts to work on your Google display campaign to reap the most benefits.

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