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Ways to reduce your cost per clicks from Google Ads

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Finding a way to reduce the Cost Per Click (CPC) for your keywords is a vital step to succeed in your online advertising efforts. Achieving a lower CPC does not come that easy. Things can be tough depending on your industry, competition, products, and location. But there are always ways you can reduce the CPC from your Google ads. Let’s have a look at them:

Avoid going auto-pilot

Normally, most of us are in favor of automation but in AdWords, this could make you overbid. In fact, it can destroy your entire AdWords budget in just a few days. It is best if you manually set bids on the basis of your ROI. If you not sure how to manually set everything, PPC London Agency is here to help.

Lower your bids

The most basic way of reducing the cost of average CPC is to lower your bid. Once the big reduces, it gives Google a lower maximum CPC to charge you with for each click your campaign receives.

This isn’t necessarily bad for your exposure. If you get more clicks with the same budget and show your ads more, it can increase your exposure on Google and result in lead generation too.

Look for keyword variations

A startup cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money on AdWords, right? If that’s you, using additional keyword search would benefit you. Look for lower cost keywords in your keyword planner.

There are a couple of approaches you could use to find keyword variations. For instance, you can use your main keyword to get ideas. Filter out the results by competition and choose the keywords with lower competition. Some of these keywords might have lower search volumes too but their average CPC can be much lower too. Using the same technique, you can find also keywords that are in their sweet spot i.e. have low competition and high search volumes.

Use long tail keywords

The average CPC of your campaign could get extremely expensive if you are advertising on a competitive industry. But there is a way you can avoid the high-cost keywords. For that, do some research and find long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords have lots of benefits and one of them is that they have a higher quality score. This is one effective way of reducing the average CPC.

Google calculates the ad rank by multiplying the maximum CPC by the quality score. The long tail keywords having higher quality score are going to be cost effective for your campaign. Using them will further lower the overall CPC.

Make the ads more relevant

Your ad campaign must be relevant. In fact, Google incorporates the relevancy to determine the quality score of the keywords used.

You can find the relevancy of your ads by going to the keywords tab and hover over the speech bubble against each keyword. If the ads are not relevant to your keywords, you will see the message ‘below average’ written there. In that case, you must edit the ads or create new ones to improve their relevance to the keywords in use. When creating content for the ad, include some keywords in the headline and description to increase the relevancy.

Use different landing pages

Even if you have created relevant ads and they are labeled above average, there are still ways you can improve the ad relevancy.

Google also takes into consideration the landing experience for calculating the quality scores of your keywords.

Try looking for a page that includes some of the keywords on your ad group. As you change the ads to a better landing page, you don’t just improve the ad relevancy and the keywords, but lower the avg. CPC too.

Switch to social media advertising for more cost reduction

For any small business, both AdWords and social media are great to put your word out there. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. Together, they can help you reach out to more people and increase conversion.

But for some companies, the best way to reduce the cost is to switch to only social media advertising or choosing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (check out this reputable SEO company in Pune). Although Facebook also uses relevance sore for determining which ads to show and how much you have to pay but everything is easier to understand and improve. Also, it uses the demographic and behavioral data to reach the target audience instead of using keywords.

Lowering the Cost Per Click is certainly vital for succeeding in AdWords but it should not be your end goal. Your end goal must be to create and run such a campaign that meets the needs of your customers, improves their user experience, and drives more traffic to your website.

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