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Why Google Ads Marketing Is Important For Any Business

Google AdWords is one of those platforms where ads are served to the user when he searches for something. The best thing about Google AdWords is that it boosts the visibility of your brand and brings faster results.

Ever since the digital revolution, more and more businesses have started creating their online presence. The Internet is how highly cluttered and the competition is has increased. Customers these days highly rely on the internet for marketing purchases.

Reaching to the target audience in such a clutter is a problem. But Google AdWords has solved that problem. It provides your business with a one stop solution to reach to your audience and get the desired results delivered.

Take a look at these reasons why Google ads marketing is importance for businesses these days:

It’s taking over the SERPs

Google ads is like Google’s baby. It accounts for 97 percent of its revenue. Now, paid ads take over SERPs more than organic results. As much as SEO strategists are frustrated by it, it’s true.

So, if you thought hiring an agency for PPC is bad, then think again. In fact, it is an opportunity for you to make your message highly clickable.

It increases brand awareness

There was a time when brand awareness was built through billboard ads, TV, radio and newspapers. This approach was fruitful for bringing results for consumer products but not for B2B products.

Digital advertising and not to mention Google AdWords, has revolutionized the way brands advertise.

Google AdWords let brands advertise when a customer is searching about their product in the google search engine.

Advertisers have complete control over increasing the size of their audience even if they are exploring some other website.

Faster results than SEO

The visibility Google ads can provide you is far more valuable in driving sales than any other. You get the opportunity to come in front of your visitors at the exact time they are searching for your product or service. This increases the chance of getting instant leads.

If the market is big and the competition is high, it takes a lot of time and effort to organically rank your business on search engines. Of course, you can bring good results with proper optimization and backlinking but this is time consuming.

Google AdWords is much quicker is generating results. Competition out there still might be high but factors such as ad relevancy, the use of right keywords and the best landing page design determine the position of your ad.

Instant purchase

How many times a customer gives his contact details or make a purchase when they visit a website for the first time. Very rarely, right?

The customer takes his sweet time. Making a purchase is at their fingertip but they do their research, compare their options before taking a decision. It’s extremely important for a business owner to influence the decision of the people who have visited their website to be sure they convert. Remarketing ads via Google AdWords makes them simple.

It’s a flexible marketing platform

Ask anyone who is using Google AdWords. They will say it is a highly flexible marketing platform. It’s suitable for all types of organizations. It’s also compatible with a number of marketing platforms. You can even use excel spreadsheet with it.

It’s easy to customize the campaigns and make them customer centric. Google AdWords also allows you to target people in different locations regardless of their device and browser in use. Even if you have a restricted budget, that is not a problem. You are free to set daily budgets and limits on the amount you want to spend on each click.

Increase ad visibility to high quality audience

Many advertisers believe in this myth that each keyword must have 100 percent search impression share. But you can’t spend money on each search, right? Sometimes, a user is researching for the sake of information. They don’t have the intention of buying.

Google AdWords allow you to serve ads to the audience that has the intention to make a purchase. You can use automatic strategies for targeting the right audience. There are strategies such as Enhanced Cost Per Click that adjust the bid on the basis of previous conversion data and other information about the converters such as their location, browser, time of the day, etc.

Ads are scalable

It is challenging for a marketer to find leads that are scalable. Google ads are highly scalable. This explains why so many large businesses are willing to spend millions on google ads.

If you are successfully able to an ads campaign that is converting successfully, you wouldn’t mind, right? As you increase your marketing budget, so does your leads and profitability. That is why google ads are known as the best way to bring more leads in a short time.

The ads are measurable

Online marketing, no matter what type it is, is highly measurable. When it comes to Google ads, it’s one of the most measurable channels of it. It’s hard to measure the results of SEO. You never exactly know which action lead to increase or decrease in the ranking.

Just like SEO, it is difficult to measure the results of social media. Google ads on the other hand are more transparent. You can clearly see what strategy worked and which didn’t. You can measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Your competitors are already using it

If the above mentioned reasons are not good enough, then there is always peer pressure. Your competitors might already be using it. And no wonder they are performing well. The revenue driven by paid searches have brought impressive results for businesses in many industries. You cannot afford not to use the benefits of Google ads now, would you?

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tool for advertising created yet. It’s within everyone’s reach, so why not leverage it? Make sure you know how to use it. Only then it’s going to be effective.

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